Cheap battery

Today one of the battery packs for my cordless drill went for lunch and never came back.

Luckily for me I have a stash of cheap replacement batteries for a cheapo cordless drill for these avents, just in case.

Instead of buying expensive replacement packs I make a quite simple opereration of changing the cells.

Replaced and soldered, not the prettiest soldering but it works.


D.I.D it!

One time only...

The cold weather only had one positive aspect, the rims did not get hot to handle.
On the other hand this probably affected the function of the polishing compund in a negative way. I'll have to do it all ove again with a finer coumpound later.

Anyway, I made some short cuts by not grinding with fine grit paper, that shows. But on the other hand they are old rims, full of nicks and dents. You have to draw the line somewhere...



Due to my lack of stamina and cramps in my grindig hand I have limited the visits in the shed to one hour a day. My thumb is numb...

This is one of the resons why the rims aren't ready yet. The factor that I'll have to do the last polishing outdoors might slow things down too, it's -5 degres Celsius at the moment, it's dark and the wind is over 10m/s. Maybe tomorrow.


Cirtic acid

I think it's a very good home remedy for the average Joe's workshop. Not a very strong acid and very easy to get, just 'borrow' from the kitchen.

I have now used it for zink plating, refurbishing of Amal carbs for my Norton and lately a rusty camshaft.

I just had to try it, but because of the New Years party and other things I forgot...
Anyway after a couple of days I removed the camshaft from the acid. And this is how it looked before polishing the surfaces.

I just put one end in the acid, this is how the other end looks like.