Or actually a chinese made Optimus 1551 found a new home.
Quality is not perfect and it has some battle scars(?) although it's brand new.

Got it light after adjusting some damages.
The performance is bright & pulsating, it almost has X-ray strength (500cp). Hopefully the pulsating phenomena can be adjusted.



Was supervising my bids for Kerosene products when I remembered that I have an old IMCO Funkmeister somewhere. How cool is that name, Funkmeister, just taste it :)

I must have rescued that one from the family summer cottage. One om my only lasting memories of my grandpa is when he lighted the Primus Gas Stove with the Funkmeister.

In color the same as this one but not that good condition, but still working.

Now I suddenly also remember playing with an IMCO Petrol Lighter as a child, a blue one. Must have been my fathers, will make him give me that one - if it can be found.


Brass cleaning

Bought an old kerosene camping stove that was dirty and corroded. Probably never cleaned since the 30ies.

Earlier I have used citric acid but thought I should try something new. Mixed up a solution of hot water, oxalic acid, soap, methylated spirit and ammonia. If you intend to do the same, do it outside and wear protective clothing.

As with the citric acid it works best as log as the solution is hot.

After a short time the the stove looked like this.

And with some light polishing

Using a polishing wheel would have made it more glossy...


New adventure

Today I remembered the old Kärcher Pressure Washer that i got from a friend. The only thing he told me was "it's blowing fuses". I tested it and it did!

I suspected moisture in the junction box and it was... and more.

The junction box was full of moist and rust and when I opened the switch, a piece was broken loose.

Have glued the piece back with Super Glue and so far it seems to work.

The motor still did not work and after dismantling more parts I could feel that the motor was not rotating, at all.

Suspected a bearing failure but it was worse. The rotor and stator were glued togeteher by rust. Bearings are fine!

After de-rusting I put the parts together and it works!



Due to lack of inspiration for my current projects I started with a new hobby today.

A Kerosene Torch Collection.

Or at least an extenson of the Kerosene Lamp collection I started last week...

The main idea is to buy some at every swap meet I visit this summer and fix them next winter, in between the other projects.