Got some parts welded, finally.

Among the welded parts was the modified front fork tubes for the Fleetwood.
(one of the old bleeders was broken so I replaced both of them.

For the CB125 the brake cable grommet on the front brake shield was broken so I decided to also modify/remove the whole speedo drive. The cast aluminium in the brake shield is not easy to weld so I will most likely have to paint it.

In the rim, that will go on the front drum brake, there was a crack that had to be welded. Maybe I should have filled in all the small dents/nicks to? The reason why I had this rim repaired, in the first place, is that it's an original DID valanced aluminium rim. The rim is also stamped YDS2M, which is a Yamaha?

The 'only' thing left is a lot of grinding...


Uggly duckling

Found pictures of a 'one of a kind' Baja converted CL450 on the internet. Can not decide if it's really cool or really uggly...


Opposite sex

Taru Rinne, a Finnish former motorcycle racer who was the first woman to achieve points in Grand Prix motorcycle racing.

I can understand Ago's interest but on Eddie's bike, how come?


Fiasco - almost

Started the day with an idea for a jig, for latheing the brake drums without removing the bearings.
Spent most of the day making it and when I finally was going to late the brake drums i noticead that ther was a runout. Apparently the morse cone I made was not good. Fixed that and still it was not good. Came to the conclusion that the old bearings were crap.

Spent half an hour making the setup I should have started with. Hopefully the new brake surface is centered ...

Overcomplicated setup

Easy setup

Note (when removing bearings)
a) If the little voice in the back of your head says "don't do it this way" then don't.
b) Hitting yourself on the thumb with a hammer, that hurts.


Field trip today

Went with the kids to the local technical museum to watch the 'NASA - A Human Adveture' exhibition.

Had a closer view at the Mercury 6 - Friendship 7 space capsule that John Glenn orbited the earth in. I'm pretty sure he was not a man of great stature. It looked like there would be a problem to squeeze in a child in that one.

But obviously a man could fit in it, but if he in 'the heat of the moment' would have shit his pants - Houston we have a problem ;)

Steering stem

Since I did not have any front fork for the CB125K5 frame I decided to go 'all in' and marry that frame with a CB125TD disk brake front fork.

The obvious was that the distance between yoke and bridge was different. The legs are also longer but that does not matter, I think...

The orther thing was that I did not have any bearings or bearing cups. The solution was to buy tapered roller bearing and lathe a couple of longer bearing cups.

Eventually I will, or not, weld them to the frame for additional strenght.