New Rods

Because of the storm last night and the following power failure, there has not been much action in the shed today.

At least the car still had some power so I went and bought new connecting rods for one engine.



Today I started all over again, the crack in the rim was not welded through so it had to be re-done.
At the same time I had all the largest nicks filled in.

The front rim also welded but not grinded.

There where two large holes for rim locks that I did not want.
Below, welded and grinded using small file and sand paper. One small spot in the weld...

Hopefully the rims will turn out as good as the Borrani rim that I polished several years ago. Still have not had any use for the wheel.

And if I dont find anything else to do, there are more rims waiting

Chemistry 101

Sooner than later I'll buy an DIY electroplating set, Caswell for example.
But I thought I should try it myself first...

Using an old coffee brewer, Citric acid, Zinc sheet metal and a modified battery charger (made it a constant 1 amp source).

I started with a spacer to the rear wheel.

The result.

Well a rather thick coating on the outside, nothng on the inside. Don't think I could have done much better with a "semi pofessional set" - or could I?

And after some brushing


Time Capsule

Went to my local parts dealer to buy a couple of spoke sets for my CB125 project.
The guy behind the counter told me that they had opened "the door, you know" and found a camshaft for a CB450.
"The Door" is the door to a room in the cellar that supposedly was shut in the mid 70:s when the room was flooded or at least water damaged, and never opend until late 2011.

Probably why the camshaft was rusty.

The camshaft is a bit interesting since I guess it's the same model (or similar) to those which was used in the Precision Machining 450 in the early 70:s, described in an article in Cycle World on Honda (1968-1971 edition as I remember it)


Most complicated

piece I have made in my lathe, this far, is the new stopper out of aluminium, for my drill (instead of the old plastic one).


Painted, sort of...

... because when I checked the spray can, afterwards, it was engine paint.



Searched the shed for a CB125 alternator, the first rotor I found looked like this.

What might have happended to that? It also looks like someone have been riding the bike for some time after that happened. Maybe it's the cause of this or the result?

Finally found a good one but the configuration of the stator did not match my Worshop Manual. Later found the matching wiring diagram in a CB125B6 manual. Anyway it's a 6V alternator and a flash light probably would be better.

If the magnets are good, I think I'll try to modify it and see if I could get more power.


Nothing much

Mostly grinding and some latheing. Started with the CB125 brake shield, had to add some JB weld (metal glue) in the imperfections from the welding. Hopefully I can finish that tomorrow.

Also I have had a CB500T oil filter part laying in the shop, for a wery long time. Thougt the condition was so bad that I just could not lathe it down, as I usually do...
Made a new bronze bushing. Had it been a CB450 part it most centainly had gone in the trash bin, since I have got several NOS ones ...

After that I thought I could spend some elbow grease on the modified CL77 lower legs that eventually will go on the CR450 project that has been resting for some years.
The lower fork legs has been modified with new fender mounts and new brake mount for a 4ls drum brake. This is what they looked like after welding.

I also made new bushings for the CB125 rear swing. The oringinal ones were so rusted that I had major trouble dismanling the damn thing. Had to soak it in oil for a couple of weeks.


Finally some action

Today I got, at least, something done.
At the same time I got the lower front fork legs welded I had the original clutch cover repaired. (Ok, I've done some grinding on the fork legs too, more about that later)

Because using one of the spare covers I've got, would be too easy!

The basic grinding is done, tested for leaks and now I just have to sand it some more, spray wash primer, maybe some bondo and ...