New Rods

Because of the storm last night and the following power failure, there has not been much action in the shed today.

At least the car still had some power so I went and bought new connecting rods for one engine.



Today I started all over again, the crack in the rim was not welded through so it had to be re-done.
At the same time I had all the largest nicks filled in.

The front rim also welded but not grinded.

There where two large holes for rim locks that I did not want.
Below, welded and grinded using small file and sand paper. One small spot in the weld...

Hopefully the rims will turn out as good as the Borrani rim that I polished several years ago. Still have not had any use for the wheel.

And if I dont find anything else to do, there are more rims waiting

Chemistry 101

Sooner than later I'll buy an DIY electroplating set, Caswell for example.
But I thought I should try it myself first...

Using an old coffee brewer, Citric acid, Zinc sheet metal and a modified battery charger (made it a constant 1 amp source).

I started with a spacer to the rear wheel.

The result.

Well a rather thick coating on the outside, nothng on the inside. Don't think I could have done much better with a "semi pofessional set" - or could I?

And after some brushing


Time Capsule

Went to my local parts dealer to buy a couple of spoke sets for my CB125 project.
The guy behind the counter told me that they had opened "the door, you know" and found a camshaft for a CB450.
"The Door" is the door to a room in the cellar that supposedly was shut in the mid 70:s when the room was flooded or at least water damaged, and never opend until late 2011.

Probably why the camshaft was rusty.

The camshaft is a bit interesting since I guess it's the same model (or similar) to those which was used in the Precision Machining 450 in the early 70:s, described in an article in Cycle World on Honda (1968-1971 edition as I remember it)


Most complicated

piece I have made in my lathe, this far, is the new stopper out of aluminium, for my drill (instead of the old plastic one).


Painted, sort of...

... because when I checked the spray can, afterwards, it was engine paint.



Searched the shed for a CB125 alternator, the first rotor I found looked like this.

What might have happended to that? It also looks like someone have been riding the bike for some time after that happened. Maybe it's the cause of this or the result?

Finally found a good one but the configuration of the stator did not match my Worshop Manual. Later found the matching wiring diagram in a CB125B6 manual. Anyway it's a 6V alternator and a flash light probably would be better.

If the magnets are good, I think I'll try to modify it and see if I could get more power.


Nothing much

Mostly grinding and some latheing. Started with the CB125 brake shield, had to add some JB weld (metal glue) in the imperfections from the welding. Hopefully I can finish that tomorrow.

Also I have had a CB500T oil filter part laying in the shop, for a wery long time. Thougt the condition was so bad that I just could not lathe it down, as I usually do...
Made a new bronze bushing. Had it been a CB450 part it most centainly had gone in the trash bin, since I have got several NOS ones ...

After that I thought I could spend some elbow grease on the modified CL77 lower legs that eventually will go on the CR450 project that has been resting for some years.
The lower fork legs has been modified with new fender mounts and new brake mount for a 4ls drum brake. This is what they looked like after welding.

I also made new bushings for the CB125 rear swing. The oringinal ones were so rusted that I had major trouble dismanling the damn thing. Had to soak it in oil for a couple of weeks.


Finally some action

Today I got, at least, something done.
At the same time I got the lower front fork legs welded I had the original clutch cover repaired. (Ok, I've done some grinding on the fork legs too, more about that later)

Because using one of the spare covers I've got, would be too easy!

The basic grinding is done, tested for leaks and now I just have to sand it some more, spray wash primer, maybe some bondo and ...



My projects need some WD-40, according to the flowchart...


Gone fishing

Went fishing last week, no luck with the sea trouts.
At least we had a lot of beer and some steaks to put on the grill.


Got some parts welded, finally.

Among the welded parts was the modified front fork tubes for the Fleetwood.
(one of the old bleeders was broken so I replaced both of them.

For the CB125 the brake cable grommet on the front brake shield was broken so I decided to also modify/remove the whole speedo drive. The cast aluminium in the brake shield is not easy to weld so I will most likely have to paint it.

In the rim, that will go on the front drum brake, there was a crack that had to be welded. Maybe I should have filled in all the small dents/nicks to? The reason why I had this rim repaired, in the first place, is that it's an original DID valanced aluminium rim. The rim is also stamped YDS2M, which is a Yamaha?

The 'only' thing left is a lot of grinding...


Uggly duckling

Found pictures of a 'one of a kind' Baja converted CL450 on the internet. Can not decide if it's really cool or really uggly...


Opposite sex

Taru Rinne, a Finnish former motorcycle racer who was the first woman to achieve points in Grand Prix motorcycle racing.

I can understand Ago's interest but on Eddie's bike, how come?


Fiasco - almost

Started the day with an idea for a jig, for latheing the brake drums without removing the bearings.
Spent most of the day making it and when I finally was going to late the brake drums i noticead that ther was a runout. Apparently the morse cone I made was not good. Fixed that and still it was not good. Came to the conclusion that the old bearings were crap.

Spent half an hour making the setup I should have started with. Hopefully the new brake surface is centered ...

Overcomplicated setup

Easy setup

Note (when removing bearings)
a) If the little voice in the back of your head says "don't do it this way" then don't.
b) Hitting yourself on the thumb with a hammer, that hurts.


Field trip today

Went with the kids to the local technical museum to watch the 'NASA - A Human Adveture' exhibition.

Had a closer view at the Mercury 6 - Friendship 7 space capsule that John Glenn orbited the earth in. I'm pretty sure he was not a man of great stature. It looked like there would be a problem to squeeze in a child in that one.

But obviously a man could fit in it, but if he in 'the heat of the moment' would have shit his pants - Houston we have a problem ;)

Steering stem

Since I did not have any front fork for the CB125K5 frame I decided to go 'all in' and marry that frame with a CB125TD disk brake front fork.

The obvious was that the distance between yoke and bridge was different. The legs are also longer but that does not matter, I think...

The orther thing was that I did not have any bearings or bearing cups. The solution was to buy tapered roller bearing and lathe a couple of longer bearing cups.

Eventually I will, or not, weld them to the frame for additional strenght.


Is there anybody out there?

Seems a bit lonely in this backyard of the internet.

I will try to allow Open ID / Anonymous comments (at least for a while) to see if anyone is willing to conribute with any opinions or maybe even som experts advice.



Got 2pcs to work with, at the moment.
Guess which one is the better. I thought it was the right one but it's the one to the left.
The right one was much more rusty than the left when I started. After degreasing and brushing off the rust with a brass wire brush I detected wear in one of the crank pin bearings.

Maybe it's the same with the other one. Hope not. Probably will have to change crank pin and rods, preferrably to stronger rods with larger piston pins. Just have to find such rods first...

Crankshaft Service Data


Field trip

Visited the local Motorcycle Museum, MC collection, today. Should have brought a real camera insted of the mobile phone... next time.

Some of the Board Track racers on diplay

Technical masterpiece!

Just a few of the motorcycles on display.


Weight issue.

The easiest way to gain speed/acceleration would, of course, be to reduce the weight of the "pilot", but... Now I started to think about reducing weight from the crankshaft, that's a bit different.

The normal easy approach is to throw the rotor and stator in the trash bin and use a battery ignition. But how about using the alternator as a part of a magneto ignition? Can I then reduce the weight from the crank just by latheing away the same mass (as the rotor) from the crank counter weights? Would be the same thing or wouldn't it - or maybe that would be more, have to do some maths? Maybe not the high tech solution (or is it) - but about the same.

I think I have to get a pair of magneto coils and do some experimenting with the alternator in the lathe. Maybe I should have a back-up-plan and get a pit bike ignition instead and test it with dual coils (is there a dual output CDI coil)?



Today was glass bead blasting day.

Among other things the hubs were blasted. It would be very easy to polish the hubs to mirror finish in the lathe.
But then I would have to polish the brake shields too and that sucks. Done that, once, and don't want to do it again.
Maybe I should aim for "No show but go"...

I also found out what the P in PMS stands for - Permanent !?


NEW follower

In the last 24 hours the followers have doubled!Does that mean I should double my effort ... ?Maybee I have to start writing about the many noninterestings things that happens in my life?Like, I'we spent the last tree hours on eBay, looking for BIG pistons and suitable sleeves for a CB125...Noo, but it MIGHT encurage me to do more interesting things, to write about. That would be a nice change :)


What's the sign?

Go home milk yor cows?
I'll have to ask the angry (?) young man :)
At least the sign is new to me...


Rockers vs Mods

Participated this year too in the 5th Rockers vs Mods
My Norton Commando made it all the way! Although I had a minor hickup when it stopped, once, at a red light due to poor charging. Had to wait a couple of minutes before I could get it started again...

I estimated that there were more Rockers than Mods this year too.

Rockers at Vinterviken


New toys

Started another project, a cutter head for the CB125 valve seats, since my Neway cutters for the CB450 seats are way to large.

I'm a strong believer in DIY, but....

When the cutter heads was almost done I found out that I could buy cutter blades (on eBay) for cutting all three angles at the same time. Change of plans, opened the wallet ... Hopefully they will perform as good as they look.

Do You Believe in Hereafter...

The Girl: - Of course I Do!

- Hehe, then you know what I'm here after.

Sounds better on the Compact Cassette I once got in the US.

Anyway, since my one and only follower probably understands English better than Swedish: Hereafter I'll try to write in English.


Shop Manual

Hittade en halvdåligt skannad, ej modellspecifik K5 (gäller CB125 K0-K3) men innehåller nog relevant information.
Hittade redan i ett tidigt skede en Parts List, men sådana finns ju on-line på flera ställen på nätet.



Började obducera den resevdelsmotor (endast underdel) jag fick med i lådorna.
Preliminär dödsorsak är att en kugge har lossnat från primärdrivningen och sökt sig in i växellådslagret. Hittills har jag inte hittat någon annan förklaring.


Vet inte riktigt varför jag inte köper en renoverad och river den själv?

Här är den, "delvis" ...

Vid en första okulärbesikning av ramen ser det ut som om fram och bakhjul inte kommer att ligga lodrätt, samtidigt.
Eventuellt blir det till att värma och bända oxå. Är man riktigt noga så får man kapa-bända-svetsa.


I did it again!

Denna gång var det större lådor. En komplett (!?) CB125K3 i lådor + en delvis komplett motor (skrot kan man väl kalla det). Hoppas att delarna jag behöver, är användbara.

Smög in kadavret i förrådet när frugan var borta, förlitar mig på att det försvinner i mängden sas ;)

The problem

This is what I want to accomplish...


Det blev inget. Norton projekt ...

... på grund av åsikter på ett visst forum + att jag prioriterade annat!?

Hur som helst så hittade jag något annat som fick mitt "ha-begär" att vakna.
En 50-tals Dodge FARGO "Town Panel", bild kommer - kanske :)
Letade på nätet men hittade inte ens en liknande...



Skickat från min HTC



eller snarare inte tänkt alls. Vid provmontering upptäckte jag att den nya plattan var betydligt tunnare än orginal.

Min lösningen var att svarva en 0,9mm spacer av aluminium.




... saknades. Så i stället för att göra något viktigt började jag tillverka en statorplatta. Dvs. jag har ett nytt Boyer tändsystem som saknar statorplatta och jag tänkte testa att göra en egen variant (som kan ersätta orginal, på kamaxeln).

Den som känner till Boyer vet att det skall vara två spolar om vardera ca 68 ohm. Tänkte prova med en enkelspole istället så jag svarvade en bobbin av aluminium, monterade en järnkärna och lindade en ca 140 ohms spole. Avslutade med samma tunnflytande epoxy som jag brukar använda när jag tillverkar flugfiskespön.

Till sjäva plattan använder jag ett dubbelsidigt kretskortslaminat som har fått lite missfärgningar och inte duger till att göra kretskort av. (den bättre sidan synns i bilden).



Letade efter en engelsk Workshop Manual på internet och råkade hittade en översatt Owners Manual, dvs. ägarhandbok till CB125K5 (finns till många modeller, kolla själv. Jag letar vidare... på franska finns det, med det är för jobbigt sitta och skriva in "kråkfötterna" i Google Translate.