Cross Heads

In an earlier post I mentioned that I finally bought the JIS cross head screw drivers.

To clarify the difference (to myself) once and for all I tried to find the JIS specification on-line but could not find it.

Anyway, the most common cross heads, in my life are:

But unfortunately the most common screw drivers (as for most people) are Phillips and Pozidriv. This has resulted in a lot of damaged screws. Where to get replacement JIS screws or at least similar looking Phillips, I don't know.

Earlier I have replaced the screws with Unbrako / Allen head bolts but that just don't seem right. For one of the Honda engines I used flanged JIS bolts (smaller head size and finer thread pitch for the larger bolts) but they were not easy to find either.

Hopefully I can soon start refurbishing used bolts when I get my home Zinc plating kit working.



Last summer I "found" an old Fargo Town Wagon in Canada that I "fell in love with".

I was allmost attempted to buy it, regardless of the state.

This is what it should look like. The only difference is taht my Fargo was a delivery van. I.e. no windows or seats in the rear. (Town Panel?)

Like this


Next problem

Maybe these motors were popular in Holland?

The cylinder had some shelf wear...

After some light filing and honing it's better.

New piston rings adjusted.

The next problem is that the magneto seems to be faulty. Visually I detected one broken wire in the primary winding but the secondary windig also has a open circuit and that's bad... I have not decided if I should put any effort and money into rewinding the magneto.


More Junk

Maybe I should start to build something instead of just piling junk.

Yesterdays "find".

Winter tyres not included



For some reason I have not had any "go" lately. But yesterday I visited a Swap Meet and sice I always try to find at least one item to buy I bought some piston rings.

I have had an old Mosquito autocycle engine laying around, for about 30 years, that need two new piston rings.

Unfortunately these rings seems to be made from unobtanium so finally I bougt some that I maybe could modify to fit. The new rings, I was told, are for some Villiers engine.

Above the original

The new rings are cut 90 degrees but that is not a problem. They are also 35.5 mm compared to the original 35.0 mm but that is easily adjusted by filing.