Is there anybody out there?

Seems a bit lonely in this backyard of the internet.

I will try to allow Open ID / Anonymous comments (at least for a while) to see if anyone is willing to conribute with any opinions or maybe even som experts advice.



Got 2pcs to work with, at the moment.
Guess which one is the better. I thought it was the right one but it's the one to the left.
The right one was much more rusty than the left when I started. After degreasing and brushing off the rust with a brass wire brush I detected wear in one of the crank pin bearings.

Maybe it's the same with the other one. Hope not. Probably will have to change crank pin and rods, preferrably to stronger rods with larger piston pins. Just have to find such rods first...

Crankshaft Service Data


Field trip

Visited the local Motorcycle Museum, MC collection, today. Should have brought a real camera insted of the mobile phone... next time.

Some of the Board Track racers on diplay

Technical masterpiece!

Just a few of the motorcycles on display.


Weight issue.

The easiest way to gain speed/acceleration would, of course, be to reduce the weight of the "pilot", but... Now I started to think about reducing weight from the crankshaft, that's a bit different.

The normal easy approach is to throw the rotor and stator in the trash bin and use a battery ignition. But how about using the alternator as a part of a magneto ignition? Can I then reduce the weight from the crank just by latheing away the same mass (as the rotor) from the crank counter weights? Would be the same thing or wouldn't it - or maybe that would be more, have to do some maths? Maybe not the high tech solution (or is it) - but about the same.

I think I have to get a pair of magneto coils and do some experimenting with the alternator in the lathe. Maybe I should have a back-up-plan and get a pit bike ignition instead and test it with dual coils (is there a dual output CDI coil)?



Today was glass bead blasting day.

Among other things the hubs were blasted. It would be very easy to polish the hubs to mirror finish in the lathe.
But then I would have to polish the brake shields too and that sucks. Done that, once, and don't want to do it again.
Maybe I should aim for "No show but go"...

I also found out what the P in PMS stands for - Permanent !?


NEW follower

In the last 24 hours the followers have doubled!Does that mean I should double my effort ... ?Maybee I have to start writing about the many noninterestings things that happens in my life?Like, I'we spent the last tree hours on eBay, looking for BIG pistons and suitable sleeves for a CB125...Noo, but it MIGHT encurage me to do more interesting things, to write about. That would be a nice change :)


What's the sign?

Go home milk yor cows?
I'll have to ask the angry (?) young man :)
At least the sign is new to me...


Rockers vs Mods

Participated this year too in the 5th Rockers vs Mods
My Norton Commando made it all the way! Although I had a minor hickup when it stopped, once, at a red light due to poor charging. Had to wait a couple of minutes before I could get it started again...

I estimated that there were more Rockers than Mods this year too.

Rockers at Vinterviken


New toys

Started another project, a cutter head for the CB125 valve seats, since my Neway cutters for the CB450 seats are way to large.

I'm a strong believer in DIY, but....

When the cutter heads was almost done I found out that I could buy cutter blades (on eBay) for cutting all three angles at the same time. Change of plans, opened the wallet ... Hopefully they will perform as good as they look.

Do You Believe in Hereafter...

The Girl: - Of course I Do!

- Hehe, then you know what I'm here after.

Sounds better on the Compact Cassette I once got in the US.

Anyway, since my one and only follower probably understands English better than Swedish: Hereafter I'll try to write in English.