Weight issue.

The easiest way to gain speed/acceleration would, of course, be to reduce the weight of the "pilot", but... Now I started to think about reducing weight from the crankshaft, that's a bit different.

The normal easy approach is to throw the rotor and stator in the trash bin and use a battery ignition. But how about using the alternator as a part of a magneto ignition? Can I then reduce the weight from the crank just by latheing away the same mass (as the rotor) from the crank counter weights? Would be the same thing or wouldn't it - or maybe that would be more, have to do some maths? Maybe not the high tech solution (or is it) - but about the same.

I think I have to get a pair of magneto coils and do some experimenting with the alternator in the lathe. Maybe I should have a back-up-plan and get a pit bike ignition instead and test it with dual coils (is there a dual output CDI coil)?

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