Nothing much

Mostly grinding and some latheing. Started with the CB125 brake shield, had to add some JB weld (metal glue) in the imperfections from the welding. Hopefully I can finish that tomorrow.

Also I have had a CB500T oil filter part laying in the shop, for a wery long time. Thougt the condition was so bad that I just could not lathe it down, as I usually do...
Made a new bronze bushing. Had it been a CB450 part it most centainly had gone in the trash bin, since I have got several NOS ones ...

After that I thought I could spend some elbow grease on the modified CL77 lower legs that eventually will go on the CR450 project that has been resting for some years.
The lower fork legs has been modified with new fender mounts and new brake mount for a 4ls drum brake. This is what they looked like after welding.

I also made new bushings for the CB125 rear swing. The oringinal ones were so rusted that I had major trouble dismanling the damn thing. Had to soak it in oil for a couple of weeks.

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