Cross Heads

In an earlier post I mentioned that I finally bought the JIS cross head screw drivers.

To clarify the difference (to myself) once and for all I tried to find the JIS specification on-line but could not find it.

Anyway, the most common cross heads, in my life are:

But unfortunately the most common screw drivers (as for most people) are Phillips and Pozidriv. This has resulted in a lot of damaged screws. Where to get replacement JIS screws or at least similar looking Phillips, I don't know.

Earlier I have replaced the screws with Unbrako / Allen head bolts but that just don't seem right. For one of the Honda engines I used flanged JIS bolts (smaller head size and finer thread pitch for the larger bolts) but they were not easy to find either.

Hopefully I can soon start refurbishing used bolts when I get my home Zinc plating kit working.

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