Fiasco - almost

Started the day with an idea for a jig, for latheing the brake drums without removing the bearings.
Spent most of the day making it and when I finally was going to late the brake drums i noticead that ther was a runout. Apparently the morse cone I made was not good. Fixed that and still it was not good. Came to the conclusion that the old bearings were crap.

Spent half an hour making the setup I should have started with. Hopefully the new brake surface is centered ...

Overcomplicated setup

Easy setup

Note (when removing bearings)
a) If the little voice in the back of your head says "don't do it this way" then don't.
b) Hitting yourself on the thumb with a hammer, that hurts.

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  1. even better way to do this is when the wheel is laced up, but you would need a special lathe, or a modification on the normal lathe.